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12/29/2011 New Crown Mineral Agreement Search enhanced.
11/24/2011 New Added BC and Saskatchewan well production reports.
11/18/2011 New Imagery options added to Map Display and Admin.

Welcome to Abacus Datagraphics Ltd.

Located in Red Deer, Alberta, we are Western Canada's leading supplier of maps to the petroleum industry.

Our user-friendly mapping software products are also among the most popular with oil and gas, surveying, ground disturbance, land and reclamation professionals.

Our oil and gas clients rely on our hard-copy and digital mapping products to help ensure the integrity of their pipelines and oilfield facilities, allowing them to do their work faster, more efficiently and more profitably.

Since 1992, our customers have counted on Abacus for responsive, accurate and user-friendly maps that show the exact location of both surface and underground facilities.

We've made our Website like our mapping software -- user-friendly. On these pages you'll find all you need to know about our products, services and philosophy.