Pipeline and well symbols in AbaData
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We made AbaDatatm an accurate and user-friendly oil and gas mapping software tool; companies like yours made it one of the most popular in the industry.

AbaDatatm provides instant access to oilfield information, graphically displaying oilfield facility locations and associated data in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan.

Because the software is Web-based, subscribers can log in anywhere they have Internet access, and the updating process for the user is download-free and seamless.

Information layers include ERCB pipelines and wells, wellsite survey plans, Crown land dispositions, registered survey plan boundaries, county maps, AGRASID soil data, ERCB spills and complaints and much more. Refer to the data set list for a complete overview.

  • AbaData reports easily transfer to Microsoft Excel.
  • Aerial and satellite photos are available.
  • All information is easily printed.
  • Information is updated often, and user feedback is routinely implemented.

AbaDatatm can add a GIS component to your company's proprietary data — allowing you to instantly view your facilities or work sites and double-click icons to access related data. You'll also have access to the numerous information layers already available.

Your information security concerns are also important to us. Access to the data you provide us will be limited to your account. A separate login system with user-determined administration and access levels is also possible.

If you think a powerful, GIS-based application could help keep your company's data management initiatives on track, contact us to discuss the possibilities. Customized applications we've created for subscribers include:

  • Emergency Planning Zones
  • Lease inspections and pipeline amendments
  • Pipeline inspection sites
  • Weed spraying sites

For these organizations, AbaDatatm has become an integral part of day-to-day operations. The customization process is straightforward: A client comes to us with a particular need, and we customize AbaData to meet it. Contact us to see how AbaData can help your organization benefit from Web-based access to proprietary GIS data.

Sundre Petroleum Operators Group (SPOG)

SPOG is an organization formed of representatives from the ERCB, 20 oil and gas companies and 15 community groups in the Sundre and Caroline area of Alberta. The AbaData component customized for SPOG allows users to quickly access data related to area residents, including essential details required for emergency planning.

Husky Oil Operations Limited

Husky AbaData users can access a geo-referenced database that includes lease and facility inspections, pipeline amendments, company survey plans and other critical business information. Users can search the database and create reports, or view facilities and access related data on the map screen.

Clearwater County

The county's rural addressing project saw standardized address signs installed at county residences to aid emergency response personnel and other service providers. A custom AbaData component allows Clearwater County users to view sign locations, GPS coordinates and an image of the sign and residence.
Steve Craig

“I would most certainly recommend AbaData. The system is very user-friendly and can quickly provide the information required.”

Steve Craig
Sundre Petroluem Operators Group

Bruce Johnson

“I know of no other system that provides the breadth of information, the ease of use or the cost-efficiency of AbaData. I recommend it to friends and colleagues.”

Bruce Johnson
Salix Resource Management Ltd.

Les Miller

“AbaData support is exceptional. Accommodating, knowledgeable and pleasant is the best way to describe the Abacus Datagraphics staff.”

Les Miller
Trident Exploration Ltd.

Shayne Steffen

“With our custom AbaData agricultural database we can track sites, add data and images and create reports wth ease.”

Shayne Steffen
Ponoka County