Dedicated Mapping

We offer a range of customized services. We regularly distribute much of our data through large-format wall maps, mapping booklets and road maps. Because information is always changing and mapping is being updated constantly, the Abacus Dedicated Mapping link allows our customers to view their mapping through this convenient web-based interface. With a Dedicated Mapping username and password, you can see the most up-to-date version of your Abacus map.

Township Mapping and GPS Data

Township mapping clients receive detailed maps for each township requested with rectified pipeline locations, lease boundaries and access right-of-ways clearly identified and labelled. Bound, durable map books are available for the township map collection, as are files in pdf format. And as with Abacus Dedicated Mapping products, clients can use the convenient Web-based interface on this page to access map files.

Township mapping clients can also receive GPS Data delivered on standard SD memory cards, including lease and access right-of-way survey plan boundaries. Contact us for details.