"It is a bad plan that admits of no modification."
Pubilius Syrus
First Century B.C.

Changes, alterations, modifications -- AbaData is always under development. A complete list of the modifications since the program was introduced is below. AbaData's evolution owes everything to subscriber input, so please contact us to discuss possible adaptations that would make AbaData a more useful part of your company's day-to-day operations.

12/29/2011 Search for agreement number, zone, company and expiry date available for Alberta Crown Mineral Agreements.
11/24/2011 Production reports can now be generated for BC and Saskatchewan wells selected on the map.
11/18/2011 Imagery Options added to Map Display and Admin page allowing users to set type and resolution of aerial photo delivered and determine if a date will be displayed on aerial photos.
11/9/2011 BC well production is now available from the BC well information window.
2/15/2011 Added environment code filter to pipeline options and pipeline report options.
12/15/2010 A report on multiple datasets can now be created off a selected map area by clicking Multiple Datasets under the Reports section.
11/30/2010 Message boards are now available for Internet Explorer 7+ users. When logged in to AbaData, click the Help button in the AbaData toolbar, then the Message Boards tab.
11/2/2010 Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Wildlife Sensitivity boundaries are now available. They can be accessed through the Culture Options by selecting the Wildlife Sensitivity tab.
8/18/2010 All wells associated with an ERCB unit can be highlighted on the map and viewed in report by using the zoom to tool on the toolbar.
5/4/2010 Added several environmental boundary files to system, including 2009 update to the Environmentally Significant Areas. New datasets are available through Culture Options.
4/5/2010 Added ability to sort well production report by year/month for all substances.
3/26/2010 Added city/locality and Alberta Environment Landfills to Nearest Report.
3/26/2010 The location of all entities brought up in Nearest Report list can now be zoomed to.
3/26/2010 Water well chemistry report can now be done by selecting area of map.
1/29/2010 Ability to do company well reports for Saskatchewan now available through well reports.
1/5/2010 Aerial and satellite photography is now included in the AbaData subscription price.
12/31/2009 Enhanced information on Crown Mineral Report to include additional fields.
12/21/2009 Added Historical Resource Value report to be generated off the map.
12/4/2009 New report available to view water well lithology for an area off the map. Water wells must be turned on.
11/30/2009 Added Alberta Survey Control Markers to Nearest Report so closest markers can be located.
11/30/2009 Put additional filter in Well Options to show only wells with no reported production on the map.
10/9/2009 Added ERCB Approved Oilfield Waste Management Facility locations to map through Culture Options. Double-click on barrel icon on map to get facility report or use Nearest report.
10/8/2009 Updated HRV Polygons to the new September 2009 data.
10/6/2009 Added weather reports to the Culture Options menu on the Environmental Data tab. Activate the layer to view the current temperature at each weather station, and double-click a station to view a detailed weather report and forecast.
9/17/2009 Added a Help button to the AbaData toolbar that provides access to different AbaData support options (contact information, site search, live chat etc.).
8/25/2009 Added ability to input and maintain Cathodic Protection location information. Contact us at 403-346-7555 for more information.
8/7/2009 Added a video tutorial and help file covering new AbaData functions.
8/5/2009 Enhancement of Pressure Vessel Management. New features were added to improve pressure vessel management.
7/30/2009 Improved the AbaData GPS tracking function to work with a laptop and Franson GPS Gate. AbaData GPS reader is no longer required.
7/6/2009 Updated the AbaData Legend. It's available in PDF or JPEG format.
6/30/2009 Finished the launch of redesigned AbaData components with the Map Options panel.
6/30/2009 The AbaData Fifth Anniversary Contest starts today.
5/10/2009 Added landfills to the Reports section. Reports can also be viewed in Excel.
4/28/2009 Added Alberta Landfill data. The layer is available in the Culture menu on the Other Data tab.
4/27/2009 Added the AbaData Twitter feed to the News & Events page.
4/10/2009 Re-organized the Culture Options screen into sections with corresponding tabs.
4/7/2009 Added Well option to view water well labels.
4/6/2009 Added Video and Help pages to the Learn section of the Website.
3/27/2009 Enhancement of CBM report. AbaData users can now specify the radius of the CBM report.
3/18/2009 Added new feature called Vehicle Tracking Interface inside Direction Map. Contact us at 403-346-7555 for more information.
3/3/2009 Added option to print large paper sizes.
3/3/2009 Added Equipment Management product information to the Website.
1/12/2009 Added Alberta Geological Survey Base of Groundwater Protection layer to Culture Options.
1/5/2009 Added ability to filter wells by spud date or rig release date.
11/14/2008 Added option to set Company Filter based on ERCB company code.
10/27/2008 Reorganized Admin page to tabbed format to allow for easier account management.
9/9/2008 Added abilityfor rural municipalities to manage weed inspection on AbaData. Contact us at 403-346-7555 for more information.
9/8/2008 Added Coal Bed Methane desorption control wells and pressure and flow control wells to the map.
7/13/2008 Added attached file report which lists all files attached to pipelines, wells and waypoints in AbaData.
2/11/2008 Added a County Map layer allowing current County Maps to be overlayed on AbaData.
11/13/2007 Added Alberta Geological Survey data to mapping (available through Culture Options under Map Display).
10/30/2007 Separated Crown Surface Disposition Boundaries (where available) from Parcel Mapping under Map Display.
10/18/2007 Added Newly Licenced Wells to Reports section allowing new wells to be viewable at provincial scale.
8/17/2007 Users given ability to label pipeline buffer zones with total buffer area.
7/20/2007 Added Wildlife Management Units to Culture Options.
7/19/2007 Set up ability to filter by Pipeline Status in Pipeline Options.
7/19/2007 Added function to search for Title by LINC #.
7/16/2007 Added ability to create Title Mapping report using Distance Marker boundaries.
6/6/2007 Added button to sort Land Status Report by Activity.
6/4/2007 Added ability to import waypoints directly from Garmin GPS devices. Users must first download and install Plugin here.
5/16/2007 Added Bridge Information double-click to the map.
5/16/2007 Added Water Co-Op Pipelines to the map.
5/4/2007 Added Drilling Spacing Units to Culture options.
5/2/2007 Added Canada Land Inventory Agriculture, Forestry, Recreation, Ungulate and Waterfowl datasets to Culture options.
4/26/2007 Added Cutlines to Culture options.
4/26/2007 Added option to attach files to a Pipeline or Well.
4/23/2007 Added option to make Waypoints time sensitive with alert upon expiry.
4/17/2007 Added option to zoom to and highlight all lines of a Pipeline Licence #.
3/22/2007 Added ability to filter wells which have H2S content.
3/22/2007 Added ability to filter Reclamation Certified and Reclamation Exempt wells.
3/20/2007 Added option to create a Waypoint report.
3/8/2007 Added Default settings for Drawing tools.
3/8/2007 Added layer to Culture Options for Crown Land.
3/6/2007 Added a Calendar pop-up to screens that have date fields.
2/28/2007 Added the ability to share a Waypoint with other Users.
2/27/2007 Added FMAs, FMUs and Forest Protection Areas to Culture Options.
2/22/2007 Added Parcel Filter for Disposition Mapping, where available.
2/21/2007 Changed Waypoint & Waypoint Sign screens to a tabbed format.
2/15/2007 Added the ability to share a Saved Map with other Users.
2/9/2007 Added checkbox in Well Options to display only Water Wells which have chemistry data.
2/7/2007 Added option to view ERCB Pipeline Plats. These pipeline plats are updated in the middle of the month where the pipeline graphics are updated at the end of the month.
2/1/2007 Added flyover and labels to disposition mapping.
1/31/2007 Added tooltip descriptions for codes on Pipeline, Well, and Facility double-click screens.
1/23/2007 Attached Environmental Dataset explanation document to Main Map Legend.
1/22/2007 Added ability to show a company's facility locations on a provincial view.
1/15/2007 Added option to Import and Export Waypoint Signs.
1/13/2007 Added Environmentally Significant Areas to the Culture options.
1/10/2007 Added option to enter Waypoints and Signs based on coordinate values.
1/2/2007 Changed the Facility layer to come from a newer ERCB dataset.
11/30/2006 Added ability to create Pipeline, Well, and Company reports based on specific criteria.
11/23/2006 Added ability to create Spill/Complaint reports based on specific criteria.
11/16/2006 Added option to Export groups of Waypoints.
11/15/2006 Added option to create Groups for Waypoints and Waypoint Signs.
11/6/2006 Added Wildlife Zones to the Culture Options.
10/31/2006 Added option to create Groups in the 'Save Map' option.
10/26/2006 Changed 'Distance Markers - From Line' option to create the buffer around an entire drawn line, instead of a single segment.
10/25/2006 Added option to remove Label Legend and ERCB Dates when printing maps.
10/25/2006 Fixed bug with entering multi-line text in the Drawing - Add Text option.
10/16/2006 Added Seed Zones to the map.
10/12/2006 Added option to create reports from highlighted Pipelines and Wells.
10/4/2006 Added Airstrips to the map.
10/4/2006 Township and Range Road Labels can now be highlighted on the Direction Map.
9/29/2006 Added the ability to create User Water Wells by entering GPS coordinates.
9/27/2006 Added LSD lines and labels when zoomed in on a quarter.
9/21/2006 Users can now access pipeline licence spill reports.
9/20/2006 Spills/Complaints can now be filtered by Licence #.
9/19/2006 Added User Water Well Labels to the map.
9/14/2006 Added Alberta Environment Monitoring Wells to the map.
9/8/2006 Users can now Display and Save Custom Well Lists on AbaData. Access this Feature Through Well Options.
8/23/2006 Seperated Rig dropdowns from Other Locations within the Direction Map for Canadian Wellsite users.
7/31/2006 Added Parcel Mapping report.
7/28/2006 Added CBM report option to Well Double-Click Report.
7/26/2006 Added Distance Lines to CBM Report generation.
7/26/2006 Added the ability to create a CBM Report by entering GPS coordinates.
7/24/2006 Updated Map Legend.
7/21/2006 Added the Non Permit Areas to the map.
7/21/2006 Added the Exploration Restricted Areas to the map.
7/17/2006 Added the ability to filter Crown Mineral Agreements by Year.
7/13/2006 Facilities can now be filtered by Type.
6/27/2006 Spills/Complaints can now be filtered by Type.
6/13/2006 Users can now add and save their own Water Wells to the Map.
5/31/2006 Users can now attach files to a Waypoint.
5/31/2006 Added Date to Waypoint Screen.
5/25/2006 Added Report to Display Water Wells within 1600m for CBM.
5/16/2006 Added Disposition Mapping to the Parcel Mapping Layer Southwest of Grande Prairie.
5/10/2006 Added Coal Mines and Coal Holes Data to the Map.
4/26/2006 Default Event for Well Information can now be specified.
4/10/2006 Added Annual Production Totals report to ERCB Well Production Data screen.
3/30/2006 Facilities can now be filtered by Company.
3/24/2006 Spills/Complaints can now be filtered by Year and Company.
3/18/2006 Added all Digital DST Files (.pdf, .pas) which are available from the ERCB.
3/16/2006 Added Strike Area/Field/Pool Report. Select quarter sections adn click Board Orders.
3/3/2006 Roads and Waypoints can now be exported to a .dxf file.
3/1/2006 Background Color can now be changed when Adding Text to the Map.
3/1/2006 Added Round symbols to Waypoints screen.
3/1/2006 Road Signs can now be added as Waypoints, and a Verification History on each Sign can be kept.
2/8/2006 Added Parcel Mapping to Saskatchewan Direction Map.
2/7/2006 Added Waypoints To The Direction Map.
2/6/2006 Added AGRASID Soil Data. Check the Culture Options.
2/5/2006 Added Button to Toolbar, Allowing Users to Extend Timeout.
1/16/2006 Allowed Users to Generate a Report Detailing all Photography Requests.
1/16/2006 Users can now Zoom To A Location by clicking on the Zoom To Pipeline/Well/Field/Location Button on the ToolBar.
1/13/2006 A Report showing All Well Data can now be generated.
1/11/2006 Added Function to Calculate Long Distances. Look under Distance Markers -> Measure Long Distance.
1/6/2006 Image Date now shows on Aerial Photos.
1/4/2006 Added Title Mapping.
12/20/2005 Added Fire Hydrant and Triangle symbols to Waypoints screen.
12/20/2005 Added Gas Plant symbols to Direction Map.
12/13/2005 Added Significant Historical Sites and Areas.
11/29/2005 Added Water Wells Report.
11/25/2005 Added Water Wells.
11/17/2005 Changed the Trapline Boundaries to Label better at a larger scale.
10/27/2005 Road Allowances now Show on Map and Export in .dxf.
10/5/2005 Added Aerial Photos to Direction Map.
10/1/2005 Added a Zoom to Field/Pool. To access, click on the Zoom to Pipeline/Well/Field button on the toolbar.
9/29/2005 Added ability to create Well Production Reports for multiple wells.
9/28/2005 Direction map will now display locations in Saskatchewan.
9/23/2005 Added ability to filter pipelines by size.
9/22/2005 Changed the Measure option to also show the total distance measured on the map.
9/19/2005 Added Imperial values for pipelines and wells to the Defaults screen.
9/13/2005 Added Imperial Values to Pipeline Label Options.
9/1/2005 Added Permit Date and Original Permit Date to the Pipeline Info screen.
8/31/2005 Added options to filter Pipelines by Substance and Wells by Status.
8/30/2005 Added Imperial values to Pipeline and Well Info screens.
8/30/2005 Added Pipeline Installation data to the Double-Click Pipeline Report.
8/29/2005 Created default options for the Direction Map through the 'Admin' button.
8/25/2005 Added option to Import Polygons from a .csv file.
8/25/2005 Changed Export Polygon function to include the polygon label in the export file.
8/24/2005 Changed Waypoint Export/Import to also include the symbol type.
8/18/2005 Well Production can now be viewed as a Line Graph.
8/9/2005 Added ability to Export Drawn Polygons to a .csv file.
8/3/2005 Added Trapline Boudaries to mapping. Boundaries can be turned on in the Culture Options.
7/27/2005 Added options to filter Pipelines and Wells by licence date.
7/19/2005 Added option to create a report for ERCB Facilities.
7/18/2005 Added option to view the Land Status and Spill/Complaint reports in Microsoft Excel.
7/13/2005 Added option to save the current view of your map, inorder to open and view at a later date.
7/13/2005 Fixed bug preventing use of special characters in Waypoints, Text and Direction map.
7/12/2005 Added option to create User-Defined labels for the Irrigation pipelines.
7/11/2005 Added option to enter a specific width when Zooming to a Coordinate.
7/7/2005 Added Parcel Mapping in the Federal Lands. This includes national parks and reserves.
6/30/2005 View the updated AbaData Price List current to July 1, 2005
6/16/2005 Changed the import waypoints function so it will ask you if you'd like to renumber duplicate waypoint numbers.
6/16/2005 Users subscribed to the Direction Map only, will have the option to create a map from entering a Latitude/Longitude coordinate.
6/15/2005 Changed Spill/Complaint Report to also list LSD's that have no spill/complaint incidents.
6/13/2005 Telus trench lines can now be shown on the mapping. Please contact Karen Henning @ 403-346-7555 for details.
6/10/2005 Quarter Sections ("NW","NE","SW","SE") can now be entered in the "LSD" box on the Direction Map.
6/7/2005 Added option to Copy Map to Clipboard from the Direction Map.
5/31/2005 Added ability to highlight wellsites as well as pipelines.
5/30/2005 Updated the Admin screen. Most options are now available to be set as defaults.
5/26/2005 Added option to download spreadsheet of company's wells from the 'Show Entire Company's Facilities' window.
5/17/2005 Added option to toggle between Aerial Photos and Satellite Photos. To toggle, click on the text. Note: Both photos are $0.50/each.
5/6/2005 Added option to draw Polygon. This feature also allows for area calculations.
5/4/2005 Changed the appearance of the ERCB facilities. A symbol will show in the center of an LSD, listing all facilities located in that LSD. The facility information includes Battery flaring, venting, and production data.
5/4/2005 Users with a full AbaData subscription can now show wells on the Direction Map.
5/2/2005 Added option to Zoom to a Well based on Licence #.
4/29/2005 Added option to show Abacus # on Pipeline reports.
4/27/2005 Added WCSS Area Boundaries and Control Points to map.
4/26/2005 Added option to draw Approximate Work Area on the map.
4/19/2005 Added more information options (ie Log, DST, Tour, Status History, etc.) to the wellhead double-click report.
4/14/2005 Changed the symbol representing ERCB Spills & Complaints.
4/12/2005 Added Crown Mineral Agreements to map. Agreements are searchable by company, and labels containing the agreement holder can be added.
4/5/2005 Changed Low Pressure pipeline labels to show the Co-op name. Also added the option to create user-defined labels for Low Pressure pipelines.
3/31/2005 Added the option to save distances measured on the map.
3/24/2005 Added Environment Code to Pipeline Reports.
3/17/2005 Added option to view Aerial Photos on the Direction Map. You will be invoiced $0.50 per request (first 50 are free) as in AbaData.
3/17/2005 Added Licence Date, Spud Date, and Abandoned Date to the ERCB Well Report.
2/16/2005 Added option to enter a title for the Pipeline Report.
2/16/2005 Added abiltiy to assign a job number to each Aerial Photo request. If you would like this option, please contact us.
2/15/2005 Added abiltiy to draw Road Labels. Labels are saved on the map until deleted.
2/10/2005 Changed Crown Mineral Agreement Text to show Shallow and Deep rights separately.
2/7/2005 Added Spill/Complaint Report.
2/3/2005 Added ability to view Aerial Photography on map.
1/28/2005 Changed Print Setup so that the Map Title entered is saved for your AbaData session.
1/27/2005 Added option to highlight a pipeline by selecting it on the Pipeline Report.
8/24/2004 Added ability to create reports on Crown Mineral Rights Agreements. If interested, please contact Abacus.
8/18/2004 Changed 4x4 Township Map so it will show any Lines or Text drawn on the Main Map.
8/16/2004 Added Option to create a Direction Map to a location other than an LSD (i.e. City, Town, Park, etc.)
8/12/2004 Added option to Draw Lines and Text on map.
7/26/2004 Added Option to generate Pipeline, Well and Company reports by selecting a Distance Circle.
7/26/2004 Added Township & Range Road Labels to Direction Map.
7/5/2004 Added Option to Add Waypoints to Mapping. Waypoints will only be Visible to Your Username and Password.
6/28/2004 Increased the speed in which Pipeline Labels are generated and displayed on map.
6/25/2004 Added Distance Marker Tool.
5/3/2004 Added Option to Customize Pipeline Reports.
4/28/2004 Added County Boundary Lines to map - you can toggle on/off via Culture options screen.
4/27/2004 Added ASCMs to Parcel Mapping layer, double-click to access ASCM information.
4/16/2004 Changed user interface for Map Display options.
4/15/2004 Added double-click to Low Pressure Pipelines to display Contact Information.
3/26/2004 Added Western Irrigation District and Bow River Irrigation District's Facilities to maps.
3/26/2004 Added option to view Contours and Facilities on all maps.