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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why is there a red X symbol on my screen and no map?
A: Most likely the AutoDesk MapGuide Viewer is not installed. You can download and install the program here.

Q: Why can't I print the map?
A: Browser add-ons such as a Google or Yahoo search toolbar are the most frequent causes of printing problems. Ensure you don't have a toolbar installed. Removal instructions can be found here.


Q: How often is your information updated?
A: ERCB data, including pipelines, wells and facilities, is updated monthly -- aside from newly licensed wells which are updated daily. The updates occur mid-month, and the information after the update is current to the end of the previous month. Other datasets have different update cycles, depending on the source. Refer to our dataset list for a complete list of datasets, sources and update cycles.

Q: Where does the data come from?
A: We rely on various data suppliers. Refer to the dataset list for details.

Q: What can I do if I find an inaccuracy?
A: Bring it to our attention. In some cases, we'll be able to simply correct the data. In other cases, though, we are unable to alter the data, and must go through the appropriate channels (pipeline owner, ERCB, etc.) to make corrections or alterations.

Q: Why are the pipeline graphics in the wrong location?
A: ERCB pipeline locations are approximate. The information is based on the location provided to the ERCB by the licensee. Use the parcel mapping layer to view pipeline right-of-ways and more accurately determine pipeline locations where possible.

AbaData Licensing

Q: What does a license to AbaData provide?
A: All AbaData licenses provide access for one simultaneous user for one year. Licenses can be shared, but only one user can access the program at one time. Additional licenses decrease in price, and details are available on our price list

Q: Are all datasets included in the license price?
A: The license price includes all datasets. Details are here.


Q: How do I get help?
A: We offer a number of free support options.

  • Call us during regular office hours at 403-346-7555 and ask for AbaData support
  • Send an e-mail to
  • When logged in to AbaData, click the Help button in the toolbar to access support material and video tutorials.
  • If you're interested in an AbaData demonstration or training session for your office, visit our Learn page for more information

Development, etc.

Q: How was AbaData developed?
A: AbaDatatm was originally developed for use internally as a pipeline location tool. Frustrated with the program we were using at the time, we decided to develop our own. After a fairly extensive capital outlay and a lot of effort to acquire the initial datasets, we eventually decided to release the program commercially in 2004. A complete change history detailing additions and alterations to the program is available on our Developments page.

Q: What is AbaData LITE?
A: AbaData LITEtm is a CD or DVD-based program designed for use in the field where Internet access is not always possible. It has less information available than the web-based AbaData because discs have a limited data storage capability. Many subscribers use AbaData LITEtm with a GPS device that allows them to enter a destination, trace routes and view their location in real time. Visit our Products page or the AbaData Lite product page for more details.

Q: Can I request new features or data?
A: Absolutlely. AbaData's evolution owes everything to subscriber input. Please contact us with requests or suggestions.

Q. How does the information in AbaData compare to competing products?
A. The data is obtained from similar sources, but how that data is organized, and the ways it can be retrieved are quite different. Our growth, the popularity of our products with those in the petroleum industry, and customer feedback all tell us that subscribers find our programs easy to use, and they like the way information is organized in AbaDatatm.

Q. Why is AbaData priced so much lower than competing products?
A. We think of ourselves as working cooperatively with others in the industry and, since AbaDatatm is a safety product, we think everybody should have affordable access to this information. Also, AbaDatatm was originally designed for internal -- not commercial -- use. We decided to offer the program to others in the industry because we thought they could benefit from it in the same way we do. The pricing, which has not increased since the program was released in 2004, reflects this.