Ground Disturbance

Abacus Datagraphics has the expertise and the tools to help you conduct Ground Disturbance activities as safely as possible.

For years we have been providing our clients with detailed Ground Disturbance Packages, including AER licensing data, land title information, survey plan documentation, Crown Land surface disposition registration data and more. This information is used to ensure all Ground Disturbance is planned and executed with the utmost regard to safety.

Now individuals planning ground disturbance activities have a new tool that makes ordering a Ground Disturbance Package even easier.

The new Abacus Datagraphics Ground Disturbance Package online ordering system helps you quickly and efficiently order a Ground Disturbance Package. With your username and password you can generate a new Ground Disturbance Package and view your previous Ground Disturbance activity. Much of the information on the Ground Disturbance ordering form will be pre-populated based on the information in our system, and once submitted the order will go directly to an Abacus Datagraphics Ground Disturbance professional.

With this new tool at your disposal it has become even easier to get a comprehensive Ground Disturbance Package, generated by our dedicated team of Ground Disturbance professionals.

To request a username and password, or for more information please contact us at: