Mapping Services

We’ve spent more than 20 years developing our mapping products to offer our clients highly useful and readable maps customized to their needs. We take the time to talk with you and determine the size, scale and included layers and data that best suits the usage planned for the maps we build for you. Whether delivered in hard copy or digital formats, our maps are designed to provide you with the information you need.




The first step in the mapping process is to discuss our clients’ requirements and determine what the map will be used for.  The large variety of available information to display on our maps means each customer can get a map that addresses their specific needs.  Our map consultation process involves:

  • Discussion with the client determining map requirements, format and printing options.
  • Based on initial consultation, a quote will be delivered for map development and production.
  • Customer consulted periodically to discuss progress and to provide input at critical points in decision making process.
  • Samples always provided to customer for review and editing prior to order printing.




Our knowledgeable drafting team can take your mapping vision and turn it into a reality.  With a host of different datasets ready to be incorporated into your map, the possibilities are endless.  We have more than 23 years of experience creating a wide variety of energy industry maps that have helped our clients understand their properties better, ensure the safety of underground facilities and comply with regulatory requirements.

  • A strong team of experienced drafting technicians trained on the latest computer aided drafting technology.
  • A wide range of above and below ground base data available to be incorporated into maps.
  • Ability to incorporate client data into maps for Emergency Response Plan or Emergency Planning Zone maps.
  • Completely flexible data display options available to ensure maps are easy to understand and use based on their intended purpose.

Map Production


Once your map has been created and is ready for use, there are numerous options for

  • A full range of material options from paper to composite and sizes from letter to five-foot wide and unlimited length plots.
  • Large format laminating capabilities mean we make durable, waterproof maps that can take a beating in the office and in the field.
  • With various binding options, useful map books can be created and used as road maps, emergency response maps and field reference map books.
  • Because all our map printing and production is done in-house, turnaround times are very low even for high-volume orders.


Keep current with Abacus mapping


We offer a range of customized services. We regularly distribute much of our data through large-format wall maps, mapping booklets and road maps. Information is always changing so all Abacus mapping is being updated constantly to reflect those changes.

Township mapping clients receive detailed maps for each township requested with rectified pipeline locations, lease boundaries and access right-of-ways clearly identified and labelled. Bound, durable map books are available for the township map collection, as are files in pdf format.

Township mapping clients can also receive GPS Data delivered on standard SD memory cards, including lease and access right-of-way survey plan boundaries. Contact us for details.

Oilfield Atlas


This is the only atlas you’ll ever need. With more than 100 laminated pages, this bound, durable atlas contains detailed Alberta maps, complete gas plant listings with page references and truck route maps for all major centers. Contact us to learn about updating options.