One Call

One Call

Whether it’s an excavation for a major construction site, a new pipeline, or simply a landowner building fencing for livestock, anytime equipment strikes the ground there is potential for conflict with buried pipelines and utilities.  Our strong focus on insuring the safety of members of industry and the public performing any type of excavation has led to a comprehensive group of services related to managing ground disturbance.  Abacus manages Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan One Calls generated by provincial One Call corporations on behalf of numerous companies so that they can focus on their priorities.  Our One Call Services include:

  • Providing monthly updates to Alberta One Call Corporation, BC One Call and Sask 1st Call with our clients’ pipeline data.  Using regulatory data and other information, we track new pipelines, acquisitions and divestitures so the right pipelines are in the system
  • One Call submitting on behalf of our clients.  We submit the information to One Call organizations, then receive associated correspondence and ensure that all necessary clearances are received before any work commences
  • One Call screening so that instead of your staff talking to contractors and landowners, our experienced One Call staff handle the phone calls and compile all the required information to determine if any planned ground disturbance will be in conflict with your buried facilities
  • Communication to our clients once the situation is determined so they know what has transpired – including maps showing the location of planned work in relation to their facilities
  • Communication to the person or company planning the ground disturbance that if there is potential conflict with buried facilities, they will be directed to hold off on any work until our clients’ facilities have been located and marked
  • Field dispatching once it is determined underground facilities need to be located, Abacus can dispatch field crews to get the job done within the requirements of the One Call system

For companies wishing to have all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted before undertaking ground disturbance, Abacus also provides Ground Disturbance Packages.  Information compiled in these packages includes:

  • Current regulatory information on all pipelines, wells and facilities on land
  • AER base map of land
  • Aerial photography of site
  • All title documentation associated with land
  • Individual Ownership Plans acquired through title searches
  • All survey plans for land
  • AbaData mapping showing various mapping features

By searching land titles and compiling all relevant documentation and information related to the land where the ground disturbance is to take place, we provide a comprehensive information package to our clients which ensures their ground disturbance protocols have been met.